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Special Burnishing Tools (Multi roller)

Apart from our standard product range, our company is specialized in designing and manufacture of special type of roller burnishing tools suiting the part sketch. Standard tools are available for regular profiles like internal and external diameter. For special profiles like grooves, ball races, fillets etc., special burnishing tools are designed and manufactured. Also, to improve the productivity combination type of roller burnishing tools are designed to reduce the cycle time and cost of operation. Some of the special tools we have manufactured are listed below for reference. Special roller burnishing tools can be designed and manufactured on receipt of the part sketch.

Multi roller: Special Roller Burnishing Tools (over the image for preview image)

    Combined Bore burnishing tool (for burnishing two concentric bores)
     Combined ID & Face burnishing Tools
     Combined ID & OD Burnishing Tool
     Concave and convex profile burnishing tools
     Ball Race burnishing Tool
     Fillet burnishing tool
     Face Groove burnishing tools
     Broach type burnishing tool
     Detachable type burnishing tools
     Double Taper burnishing tools
     Sizing & Finishing Tools
     Bearingizing Tools