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Single Roller Burnishing Tools

Single Roller Carbide Burnishing Tool
( For Outer Diameter Burnishing )

The single roller carbide burnishing tool is used for burnishing varying outer diameters with a single tool. With one tool different diameters can be burnished to achieve low surface finish. Also there is no limitation on the burnishing length for this design tool. Highly finished superior grade carbide rollers are used with precision assembly arrangement. The burnishing force can be adjusted using spring arrangements according to the diameter and material of the job. This tool is highly suitable in batch production where the diameter of the job varies from one work order to another work order. Job Order quantity as low as one number can also be processed with this tool so this tool is highly useful in job shop production. For high volume production applications please see External Diameter Roller Burnishing Machines.

Description of Single Roller Carbide Burnishing Tool (SRT) (For Outer Diameter Burnishing)
Processing Sketch