MODEL: PT-H-0230
  MODEL: PT-V-0225
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Portable Type OD Burnishing Machine


The portable type Burnishing Machine is a compact design outer diameter burnishing machine which can be used for burnishing minimum OD 2mm and Maximum OD 30MM in horizontal loading model(PT-H-0230). The minimum and maximum burnishing diameters vary for other models PT-V-0225 and PT-V-HST. Separate designs are available for burnishing plain shafts and shafts with shoulders (stepped shafts). Separate Burnishing Tool kits are selected and mounted on the precision spindle arrangement based on the job size. Each size requires a separate burnishing tool kit for burnishing.

Jobs with close tolerances are burnished with this machine and the burnishing operation is followed by grinding operation. This machine is highly suitable for standard type of jobs such as parts of home and office appliances like mixer, fan parts, miniature motor shafts etc. the achievable surface finish values are between 0.1 to 0.3Ra based on pre-burnishing conditions. However the final surface finish values depends upon various parameters like roughness before burnishing, Hardness of the material, type of coolant used speeds and feeds etc.

The machine structure is sturdy fabricated construction. The main motor is accommodated in the sliding base of the machine. The spindle and the burnishing mechanism are arranged horizontally on the other side. The spindle is driven by a mechanical variable speed mechanism (Machine with VFD is also available) that is mounted on the motor shaft. Step less variation of the rpm is achieved in the spindle with this mechanism. The electrical systems including the control panel are accommodated on the topside of the machine for ease of operation.

The burnishing kit is replaceable. The required size kits can be assembled quickly this reduces the change over time for different sizes. Diameter adjustment mechanism is provided in the burnishing mechanism so the burnishing diameter can be set according to the component diameter. Also the burnishing pressure can be controlled either by increasing or decreasing the diameter. Coolant system arrangement is available and proper provision are made in front of the kit assembly to provide continuous flow of coolant. The coolant motor and tank is placed externally.

Automatic Part loading attachments can be attached to this machine if required. This is an optional unit.

Note: The above description gives the functions and features of the burnishing machine in general. The features and attachment vary depending on the models and application. Hence exact features, functions, specifications and scope of supply will be mentioned in the quotation.