IDPN - 0540
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Internal Diameter Burnishing Machine


The internal diameter burnishing machine is used for mass production of internal burnishing operation. The minimum diameter that can be burnished in Model IDPN-0540 is 5mm and the maximum 40 mm.

The spindle feed stroke and the return rapid stroke is operated pneumatically and the spindle is rotated with a belt drive. Three different spindle speeds can be selected by changing the belt position in the cone pulley arrangement. The spindle feed can be altered by changing the air flow. The stroke length of the spindle can be adjusted with the help of limit switches provided in the pneumatic cylinder. The machine consists of a pillar on which the precision spindle mechanism and motor are mounted on a horizontal column. A rotating table is provided for placing the job/fixture. Electrical panel is provided on one side of the machine which controls the functions. Coolant system can be integrated with the machine.

Note: The above description gives the functions and features of the burnishing machine in general. The features and attachment vary depending on the models and application. Hence exact features, functions, specifications and scope of supply will be mentioned in the quotation.