MODEL: ST- 0660
MODEL: EM 0640
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Hydraulic Centreless OD Burnishing Machine


The Hydraulic Centreless OD Burnishing Machine can be used for burnishing outer diameters. There are two models available covering different outer diameter ranges.

Model ST0660:                          Model EM0640:
Min.  Diameter : 6mm                Min.  Diameter : 6mm
Max. Diameter : 60mm              Max. Diameter : 40mm

Mirror like surface finish, normally around 0.1Ra, can be easily achieved based on the pre-burnishing surface finish conditions. (We have also achieved 0.05Ra in certain applications based on pre-burnishing surface finish). However the final surface finish values depends upon various parameters like roughness before burnishing, Hardness of the material etc. The machine can be used for both plunge and through rolling of cylindrical parts. Since this is a centre less design there is no limitation on the length to be burnished. All ferrous and non-ferrous materials in soft stage can be burnished with this machine. Plunge rolling can be done for the part whose seats or races are not greater than the width of the smoothing rolls. Lengthy parts can be smooth rolled by providing suitable support arrangement. Automatic part loading attachments can be integrated in the machine based on the job specification.

Burnishing operation can be done directly after CNC Turning or after grinding operation. In many cases grinding operation has been removed by introducing CNC Turning followed by Burnishing with OD Burnishing machine.

The machine structure is sturdy fabricated construction. All functions of the machine are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller. Necessary safety mechanisms are provided to safe guard the electrical parts of the machine. The main motor and Coolant system are accommodated in the base of the machine. The cylinder is vertically mounted in the column in which the smoothing roll arrangements are designed. This gives the necessary burnishing force which can be altered based on the diameter of the job. The electrical systems including the control panel are accommodated in the column. The drive roll assembly is placed horizontally on the top of the base. The hydraulic power pack system is placed aside of the machine. This unit is external.

This machine is highly suitable for medium and high volume applications. The application areas include automobile shock absorber shafts, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Piston Rods, Pump Shafts and many more applications where high surface finish is required.

Note: The above description gives the functions and features of the burnishing machine in general. The features and attachment vary depending on the models and application. Hence exact features, functions, specifications and scope of supply will be mentioned in the quotation.