Description of Internal Diameter Roller Burnishing Tool

  Internal Diameter Range

The minimum internal diameter burnishing range starts from 5mm and above. Though there is no limitation on the maximum diameter, for practical purposes we have limited the tool diameter. We have our customers using our internal diameter burnishing tool of 412mm. Also see Multi Surface Single Roller Carbide burnishing tool for burnishing larger varying internal diameters.

  Burnishing Length Standard Burnishing Lengths are available to suit the regular applications. However tools with customized burnishing lengths can be manufactured according to the part requirement.
  Internal Diameter Adjustment The diameter of the roller burnishing tool can be adjusted to a limited range for the purpose of setting the diameter initially. The adjustment range varies depending upon the size of the tool. (see tool specification)
  Shank Tool holding Shanks are available in Morse Taper (MT), Straight/Round, BT or any other as per the request.
  Job Material Any Ferrous or Non-Ferrous item can be burnished. Normally ferrous materials with a maximum natural hardness of 35HRc are recommended for burnishing operation. Heat Treated jobs are not recommended for burnishing process.
  Machine Used Internal Roller Burnishing Tools can be fitted for use in any spindle driven machine. Normally these tools can be used in CNC Turning centers / Vertical Machining center / Conventional Lathes / Pillar drilling machines or any other Special purpose machinery. Special Internal Roller Burnishing Machines are used for higher productivity.